Enjoying Real Life

Living and enjoying-enjoying real life is something I haven’t experienced in a long time.  It is something so addictive, intoxicating and it is becoming a way of life!  Here are some of the high-lights when it comes to my new favourite adult male person:

  • Kobus has a little boy who just turned 5 years old!
  • He has a male suitor (Dachshund) perfect for my Dixie – he’s dogs (x2) are gorgeous, and the male (Diesel) has the most beautiful character and mannerisms.
  • He says things like we need to take “the boys” fishing, camping, swimming etc…
  • He can hear what Logan says and relates to him on his level
  • When speaking to Logan he uses words like “Boy” and it sounds completely natural
  • He took my son (and I) out for an ice cream on Sunday afternoon, saying that he it is routine Logan will need to get use to for when his son visits him.
  • He then made him a coke float with the left over ice-cream!
  • He told his parents and sister about me before meeting me.  He then showed them my picture after meeting me once.  And he wants to drive me to Klerksdorp to meet the parents (as soon as I am comfortable)
  • He lies on the grass looking at the clouds (going on stars) with me
  • Makes me lots of coffee and is just as addicted to the stuff as I am
  • Jaco –>>  Jacobus –>> Kobus
  • It feels like I have known him for years
  • He remembers the small detail about our conversations
  • He’s touch is soft, he has a gentle soul.  A sincere kindness about him
  • Kobus looks into my eyes, he is mesmerized by my lips.
  • He speaks with his eyes, without saying a word
  • In so many ways he is my opposite

11 thoughts on “Enjoying Real Life

  1. You speak to my heart, and it is filled! THIS, the real life, is all I have ever wanted for you. The happiness that fills your eyes, is something I have missed in you. The smile that radiates and wraps everyone into it, is what I have wanted to see.

    I have judged this man long before I have met him…but I love him for what he has brought out in you!

    P.s you are still a box though

  2. Oh the joy of new love! Beautiful. I like the kind soul part – that is the essential in life, I feel. And that you feel like you have known him for years – my, that is a giveaway for a great relationship. I am so happy for you, my heart sings!

  3. I hope that you know that I expect a full report back, including all the dirty details when i get back to the office. So happy for you!! xx

  4. Well, seeing that I have the inside scoop, I will leave you with a little song: hmmm hmm hmmmmm, My only The answer to a life so lonely

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