Haircut …

Logan and Lady Bed

 Logan got a hair cut or shall I say, refused a haircut and “Uncle Kobus” was allowed to shave his hair.  I don’t think it looks pretty, but everyone says it suits him!  I just love not having to maintain his hair!   

Logan in the Car

**   Dog in the first picture is the boyfriend’s pooch who has little Dachsie pups on the way, I can’t wait!  **


4 thoughts on “Haircut …

  1. So cute! Logan I mean. Also the dashie ;)
    I cannot wait until Aaron turns three so that we can cut his hair (its a Jewish tradition to wait until then), at the moment his hair is divine, beautiful, long, silky smooth and blond with the most disgusting mat at the back from where he sleeps, it takes ages and TONS of conditioner and bribes to get him to sit still in the bath for me to unmat it!
    I cant wait to be able to cut his hair!

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