Of horses and cows…



The above photo was taken over the weekend.  We were on our way to Irene Dairy Farm for some time with the cows and much-needed breakfast!   A quick morning out, ended four hours later after I allowed a week old calf to suck my middle finger!  (Very good for producing saliva – which is very important)  In the past I would never have done something of the sort, cows have teeth, which means they can bite!  But with my lovely boyfriend close by, it was a different story! 

The boyfriend wants us to go and horse back riding the weekend!  First I need to find out how many kilos a horse can carry?  Any idea?

P.S.  I have charged my camera’s battery last night, hopefully soon I will start taking better quality photos!


8 thoughts on “Of horses and cows…

  1. Love Irene farm – the princess was there last week with the school – they had a blast. Most riding places have a limit of 100kg . Have you ever been on a horse? Where are you going to ride?

  2. @Bonita! I’m so pleased you enjoyed Irene (and not the bull chase)

    @ Wenchy – I decided to stay far far away from the cows and jus enjoy the calfs.

    @Twistygirl – I hope the horse enjoys it as well :)

    @Cat – I have been on a horse before, but that was when I was small enough for my dad to pick me up and put me on top of the horse! I believe the more accurate term would be pony! *Shitting myself*

    @Laura – I like the pic and I love Irene

    @Angel – Horse riding is one of those things I have always wanted to do. I love horses! So glad Logan can sit on a horse with Kobus, not sure I would manage with him and the horse :)

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