The humbling kind of Yogi-Sip

Yesterday afternoon I stopped at the shop to buy the ingredients my colleagues advised were ideal to make my cooking come across as average  above average  fabulous!

At some point during my shopping experience, Logan stood next to me with a Yogi Sip in hand!  So I said “NO”.  Because of the following reason, I had a crying child on my hands:

  1. Logan has been spoilt a lot late (Uncle Kobus)
  2. I’m feeling a bit guilty for all the changes in our lives, so I over compensate
  3. I am over compensating (have been for a while) because Logan’s dad is absent
  4. I’m not in the mood for a full-blown tantrum, so I’m softer than I would normally be.  (Shouting like a fish-wife isn’t all that attractive!) 

Naturally when I have a crying child on my hand, like I did yesterday, I make my way out of the shop (sometimes even with a smack) as quickly and smoothly as possible.  This was what I tried to do, pay and move on out. 

The guy packing  the bags, handle the cashier money for the Yogi Sip. I objected, saying that he is throwing a tantrum and needs to learn.  He was so sincere, he accepted my objections and he was kind in his intentions.  He then asked whether it was okay for him to place the Yogi Sip in the bag instead for later.  I agreed on the grounds that he accepted my money.  He didn’t!

I was humbled.  I was humbled beyond words!  I got in my car and started crying.


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