My Incredibly Special Grandmother (with a Dachshund)

My Aunt sent me some photos of my grandmother.  I love these photos!  I loved my grandmother, I miss her so much, but that you all already know…   I especially love this one with the Dachsie, there are many more.  But I can’t spoil you by posting all of them at once. 

How Elegant!

Well maybe I can! 

I don’t know the other people in the photo below.  It must be family of mine, but I just think the family portrait is pretty.  Any photo with my grandmother in is beautiful to me! 

A Family Portrait

I really like the first two the most.  I already have a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day hanging in my house, but  I think I need to do something with these other photos, they are so special and deserved to be made apart of my daily space.


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