Easter 2010

Yes, this is the first Easter Holiday since Kobus and I are together.  It was very special and I am trying to remember as much of it as I can.  So think of this post as a diary entry: 

 Thursday Night Kobus and I enjoyed a night out filled with sushi, dancing and jumping in the puddles of water.  It felt strangely comforting to be out and not a.) getting drunk, b.) flirting with men, c.) smoking. 

After fetching Logan from the best friend on Friday morning we made a proper breakfast and spent the afternoon watching films!  The evening we made flap jacks for supper and baked bran muffins for “padkos” for the road to Klerksdorp.  After our baking ventures we made ourselves comfortable online and looked at 3 bedroom townhouses (and puppies – only because they are cute!) 

Saturday afternoon we drove to Klerksdorp where I met Kobus’s sister.  We stayed for the evening, went to church the Sunday morning and had a easter-egg-hunt for the boys after lunch.  As we started the drive to Pretoria, Kobus told me that his dad asked whether this meaning our relationship is serious as he thinks I am the right girl for him and that we should settle down!  (All those nice words and a box of home-made rusks!!) 

When we arrived home, we realised that we were missing one dog.  One stupid idiot with a big white double-cab bakkie bumped into her and left her there, luckily one of our other neighbours were decent enough to pick her up and look after her while we were away.  She seems okay, she is walking and everything as normal, but Kobus will take her to a vet this afternoon as she has puppies on the way.  

On Monday morning Philip and Kobus played a round of golf.  While it was raining!  They were soaked!  While the boys were playing golf, I was snuggle in bed and Logan was eating easter egg after easter egg including mine!!  Later the afternoon we bought name tags for his dogs!  We went for lunch at Menlyn and coffee at Seattle Coffee Company and the weekend ended with an episode of Grey’s Anatomy!  

Logan after being ask whether he loves Uncle Kobus a million times, said “yes” and “no”.  He also made it very clear that he likes his Richard Daddy and that Uncle Kobus is Uncle Kobus and not Daddy.  I think he is thinking about what family is, thinking this whole Uncle Kobus thing through.  I think he is a little confused and yet he is showing sign of placing everyone – it is a good thing.  I think.  It is a lot for a little boy you know!  

From the mosaic you can see there were lots of cuddling, kissing in the rain, holding hands, bubbles baths and general family like things!  Lots of umbrellas-usage!  Lots and lots of fun!  

—  02-05 April 2010 —

Mosaic Maker

Photo credit:  Sushi; Dancing; Tequila; Umbrella; Baking with Love; Films; Easter Eggs; Map of Klerksdorp; Rusks; Gumtree; Hand in Hand; Bubble bath; Golf; Dog name tag; Kissing in the rain; Grey’s Anatomy.


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