So much to say, so little time!!


I haven’t been this busy in a long time!  Last week as an absolute nightmare!  I was working from the moment my bum touched the chair in the mornings until the moment I needed to leave in order to fetch Logan on time! 

My evenings are spent studying and preparing for the up and coming exams.  In between studying and working I managed to spend 2 seconds with Logan and Kobus. 

The good news is, in 3 weeks time everything (at home) should be back to normal and with a little bit of luck my mind will settle into a rhythm with the new work load! 

In other news however, there is so many things I want to write about!  Relationship things, maintenance court things, Logan’s school things.  I want to write about the special day I had yesterday, I can honestly say mother’s day is a fabulous thing!  I want to write about all sorts.  But for the moment I am going to have to put some of that on hold and do the responsible thing! 

BTW, if I am very quiet on twitter, it is because my twitter platform (Hootsuite) has been blocked at work and 1.) I don’t have the time to look for an alternative platform and 2.) I’m not sure I will find one, which means 3.) I will need to convince my employer that it is a good idea to unblock my platform.  And 4.) that I have no energy for. 

So what have  I missed?


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