Growing responsible…

When settling down in a loving relationship one find yourself, should I say, I find myself getting use to the idea of being patient. 

I’m not very patient by nature, if I decide I want something, I want it now!  Kobus and I decided very quickly that we wanted to move in together and the only thing that really kept us from doing this, properly was the fact that he has a 12 month contract that when broken he would lose his deposit and he needed to give two months notice.  All in all, it has been worth it for us to wait!  The idea was that we would find a slightly bigger, three bedroom unit with an additional luxury here and there.  This would mean that we both would save a bit on rent if we were to compare this to what we are paying at the moment. 

Unfortunately, the Sperm-Donor and his non-payment of maintenance have given me a bit of a back-log on finances and as much as I know the bit extra that I will save in rent will make a difference – I honestly do not want to have to worry and the quicker I can get out of debt as a whole the better.

This lead us to the decision to stay a little longer in my townhouse in order for me to close some much-needed holes.  

Not that it  is my preference of course.  It is the right thing to do!


3 thoughts on “Growing responsible…

  1. oh MY. you have moved in together/are moving in together. that’s HUGE. good luck and have fun. i like living on my own so much that dave would have to do something really seriosly HUGE for us to ever get to that point.

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