Final decisions regarding Logan’s Nursery School…

Along the way I have sort of neglected to tell you that Logan school was bought over by some-other-lady.  The way I found out, was a note in the book that is *suppose to be in his bag every day saying:  “Hi my name is … and I am the new principle of the school

At first I was upset with the previous owner of the school.  This certainly is not the right way to go about things!  In after-thought I felt that maybe this is an opportunity.  The teachers seemed excited about the change and so I thought that I might just wait it out and see.  Slowly the new owners/ principle of the school started making adjustments.  Some were good I believe, some were terrible.  They fired one of the staff member – no, not Logan’s teacher (whom by the way I am still not very fond of) – they moved classes around without consulting the teachers.  The worst for me was that the owner would see parents fetching their kids and instead of introducing herself, she would really ignore them.

We were given a new contract to complete and new rules to comply with – understandably!  All of the rules were fairly standard apart from one that said that the rules could change without prior notification and parent needed to comply.  This I had never seen in a school-contract before and it bothered me a little.  Another thing that I was on the look out for was the school fees.  No-where on the new contract it stated the school fees.  My instinct was to wait a bit…

In last week I started making a decision.  An insider gave me a bit of info regarding a soon to be implemented increase in school fees (a pretty steep one at that.)  And finally the principle introduced herself in last week and apart from the attempted performance, she didn’t make a good impression.

So I did what I needed and drove to the school Logan should have gone to, from the beginning of the year in order to ask whether they have space for him.  This will of course force me to wake up half an hour earlier in the mornings – yet it is a small sacrifice compared to Logan’s education!!  (Excuse the little pep-talk) 

They were full.  I was depressed and spoke to my friend who managed to pull some strings!

So now from the first of June, Logan will be attending a new school once again. 

* On the glass-half-full side of things: for the first time this year the book actually comes home now!


3 thoughts on “Final decisions regarding Logan’s Nursery School…

  1. Those things you just stipulated about the new owners and rules and regulations is also a bit off for me. I’m happy that you decided to move Logan. Good luck and I hope the new school only brings good things for both of you.

  2. My kids are also moving schools at the end of the term – I feel crap but I cant keep them where they are :(

    Good luck and glad you found him somewhere to go!

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