Sundays and productivity (or not so much)

I wrote my last exam on Friday afternoon, for the past two weeks all I have wanted to do was implement the changes we are planning to make to the house of many colours and all kinds of other productive things.

Yet after the exam I find myself with very little energy to do the things I was burning to do a week ago.  It is frustrating!

On the bright side I have manage to pick up “My sister’s keeper” and started reading it again.

Happy Sunday, may it be a lovely day spent with family and friends, I know that is what I will be doing  :)


2 thoughts on “Sundays and productivity (or not so much)

  1. I had the same thing when I was studying! All I wanted to do was pack and scrap book and organise things!

    Now all I want to do is sleep and play scrabble in Facebook :-p

    Its called “study avoidance behaviour”

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