Yay Vuvuzela Day

5 hours of beautiful noise as Vuvuzela South Africa would say and I can honestly say I hope the next month comes and goes quietly. 

Up until two hours ago there was the odd vuvuzela horn blowing all the time.  At the moment I have about 50million going at the same time, all the time.  This of course after an open-top bus filled with not-so-much-my-kind-of-music and VUVUZELAS,  the fire brigade with their fire truck, about two dozen police cars (with sirens) and a multitude of people have gone past my office directly past my office!

Naturally this would be okay if there weren’t a million cars passing and hooting their hooters- I would assume out of frustration rather than support.

Lastly, it would be alright if they were passing through instead of going up and down the ONE WAY ROAD I am based in! 

Yay Vuvuzela Day, may this day pass swiftly!



4 thoughts on “Yay Vuvuzela Day

  1. Also went out for lunch at 12h00 and everyone was blowing their Vuvuzelas and hooting their car hooters. The noise became so hard that I wished that they would stop. I’m all for the spirit but the noise just got a little bit too much

  2. You got it worse then me. We just had the odd vuvuzela during the day, and then crazy for a while from 12:00. Luckily no sirens and hooting

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