A classic case of cutting off my nose to spite my face? You decide!


It is going so well! 

  • Logan is happy and settling in, in his new school
  • The maintenance court although a lengthy process seems to be paying off (excuse the pun)
  • The not-quite-as-useless-as-we-thought estate agent managed to have Kobus’ place rented out in no time. 
  • Work is same old same old – but same old is better than a lot of other things.
  • In general things are good, life is good!

So why when we ask our landlady whether we can have the meter by meter storage space, that is looking into my kitchen and should technically be apart of my unit  — breathe — but because the missionaries (and unfortunately next door neighbours who happen to rent from the same landlady at a quarter of the price for double the size) have enough free things to fill three houses — breathe — cannot get rid of any of it and happen to have some of their shit in this space  – do I accept the answer that I want?

Before I go on – I should mention that if I were to walk around my house naked they would be able to see me, when in their little storage area!  That is how much this area should be for my use.  I was soft, I should have demanded the use of this space a long time ago, but let’s face it I didn’t really need it and I couldn’t be bothered to stand up for what I wanted.

Now the question is:  Do we move because we don’t agree with they way the landlady handled the situation*?  Do we move out because we need more space and we cannot stand our neighbours?  Do we stay, knowing that we have a lovely unit?  Do we rent additional storage space because we need more space?

It is a catch 22 really – I would move.  Out of principle.  But then I really do not want to be cutting off my nose to spite my face!   What would you do? 

And please do not say, offer to pay the missionaries’ rent!

*  She handled it terribly!!  She asked them whether they would mind giving up this space and mentions that I will accept whatever their answer is!  WFT??

Credit – I wish I knew, I found it a long time ago and saved it on my desktop!


5 thoughts on “A classic case of cutting off my nose to spite my face? You decide!

  1. This is a catch 24 situation indeed. There are so many things to take into consederation here. If you have the money to get an attorney for help, then do that. Moving out to another place: That easier said than done because can you afford it to move now? And if you do move then this landlord lady will think that she is right and not know she is actually wrong.

    Good luck with this situation.

  2. I think you should introduce some rats into the storage area.
    Remember how long it took you to find that place in the first time

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