one more sleep

– And I will celebrate father’s day with the boys –

I’ve never really tried to make a father’s day special (other than in my pre-teen kid while taking my dad breakfast in bed).  I can honestly say after the treatment I had on mother’s day, I pulled every muscle in my brain to come up with something fun and memorable for father’s day!  And that is exactally what I will be doing tomorrow, something fun and memorable!

Then again I can only tell you about all of that on Monday!

What are your plans for father’s day?


4 thoughts on “one more sleep

  1. well my dad is in dubai so I am just goign to call him, and when him and mom are out in SA i am going to take them to dinner to do a double mom and dad’s day gift :)

  2. Nothing. I have decided that since he NEVER does anything for mothers day, I’m going to stop trying for Fathers day. I used to be BIG into getting him stuff, getting the kids to make stuff. Now…not so much

  3. so how was fathers day?
    I got those sparkle candles to put into my dad’s mug filled with nuts, and then the candles didn’t want to sparkle :-(

    • What a cute idea!
      (Must remember it for next year!)

      Sorry to hear it didn’t work! Did he like his turkish delight?

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