Father’s day 101

I had so much fun preparing for Father’s Day.  I wrote a bunch of notes, the first note was placed strategically for Kobus to read when he wakes up.  This note was to tell him to wake me in order for me to bring him coffee in bed! 

I made him colouring in pictures that him and Logan coloured in while I made breakfast!  I call it a perfectly practical way of making father’s day special when you know you will wake the person you don’t want to by using an alarm clock. 

Throughout the day he had presents to open, the traditional #1 Dad type mugs with special tea.  A photo frame with the above photo and a promise of many more memories to follow.  After breakfast I sent him for a bath and had a special Man-United shirt gift waiting for him.    Cheesy and effective! 

I wanted to take my boys to Lory Park in Midrand but due to a couple of unforseen/ unfor-thought-of mishaps, we needed to changes plans last-minute.  (The little bit of Virgo in me found this terribly frustrating)  The idea was for him to direct me to the mystery place at the end of the map.  All wasn’t lost, instead  we went to the Pretoria Zoo!  It was fun, a lot of fun and very tiring.  Afterwards we went home and had a braai!

What I loved about the presents throughout the day, was that I had him surprised every time I produced another gift!  I ended the day with a book he had been eyeing for a while, signed by the author!  I’ve never seen so much excitement in his eyes!

No idea what I will be doing next year, but I have a year to plan and brainstorm!

So, how was your father’s day?


8 thoughts on “Father’s day 101

  1. That sounds like an awesome day!

    We were pretty low-key – went to his favorite stop for breakfast, hung out a little. Gave him a golf club & cards & made a German Chocolate cake from scratch at his request :)

    • I got Kobus the latest Angus Buchan book :)
      Thanks for the Lory Park tip, we are considering becoming friends of the zoo as well!

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