It must be love and the back-door!

Over the weekend we moved the last of Kobus’ things out of his old house.  It must have been exhausting for him.  I can honestly say I do not feel like I’ve had a weekend and he a.) worked and b.) did the big things, the manly things.

As we approached “the end” of the move I jokingly said:  “So now you’ve closed the back-door“.   Although I know he is fully committed to our relationship and that there is no back-door, I feel like our relationship has evolved, even if just slightly!  Yesterday he had his house and I had mine – even if his house was empty and we spent all our time at my place.  Today we have our house  –  Even if it is full of boxes!

After we had all the boxes off-loaded at home, he made a joke by saying that if the roles were reversed he would have kicked me out by now!

All I could reply was:  “It must be love!”

**  Photo was taken on Friday Night at the Fan-fest at Super Sport Park in Centurion.  It can’t be all work-no-play :)  **


4 thoughts on “It must be love and the back-door!

  1. I hope you guys will be VERY happy living together. It’s funny how it does change everything, now that you are living together. It is definitely a ‘closed the door’ kinda thing :)

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