I have a question for you:

Last night at dinner (after a glass of wine or two) I asked Kobus his opinion and we ended coming to our conclusion.  Before posting my thoughts on the matter I thought I would ask your opinion:

Logan is my life, he is the single most important person in my life and has been since the day he was born.  My life mission has been to provide for him, care for him and love him.  I will do anything for that little boy. 

Kobus is my life, he makes me complete.  He is my favourite person in the whole wide world, my best friend and the person I go to when I am excited, scared and angry.  I feel save with him and I trust him with my everything.

Now for the question:

If you needed to prioritized the people closest to you, who would be the most important person?


8 thoughts on “I have a question for you:

  1. My husband would be the most important person to me. Many people would not agree with what I’m going to say now but this is how I feel.
    My husband was there before my children. He is the one I chose to love and stand with until one of us dies. If he is not the most important person in my life, then I could end up loosing him where when it comes to my children, they will always love me no matter what and I will always love them no matter what.

  2. Today – my kids :-p

    If I had to choose right now today – it would be my children because they need me and I would never give them up for David (or anyone)

    But like Cat said its two different kinds of love!

  3. Your Husband, because regardless of what and how much we do for our kids ( even though they will always love us) they will eventually pack their bags and leave you, but your husband ( leave all things negative) will be there until the day you die.

  4. This is always a very difficult question to answer. I’m a mother AND a wife. I love chocolate and chips. Not the one more than the other, just at different times. To me it’s like that. My kids and husband are equally important. Just at different times do I give more attention to the one than the other

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