What a weekend!

Kobus hardly ever has a whole weekend off, so this weekend when we had the whole weekend to ourselves we made the most of it.  We may even have overdone it a bit:

Saturday Morning we woke up at Sparrow’s fart and dragged our bums to the Farmer’s Market, it has become a little tradition of ours.  A tradition we have skipped for the most part in winter, but summer is nearly here, I can feel it in my bones.

The rest of the day was spent doing some shopping, making a fabulous brunch, a haircut for Kobus and a lovely long afternoon nap in preparation of a 60th birthday party:

The party was in Auckland Park, Joburg and anyone who knows me, knows I am not a fan of driving to Joburg.  We arrived at the venue, slightly late perfectly on time.    We had a lovely time, after I had calmed down –  The food was amazing, the DJ was entertaining with a perfect blend of music to suit a 60th (and the rest of us).  Logan was well-behaved.  What more can a person ask for? 

Maybe a boyfriend who loves dancing?  My boyfriend loves dancing and when I say dancing I mean lang-arm-sokkie-sokkie.  Here is the problem, I should say implications:  I can keep a beat and shake my hips to the rhythm of a song, it is just the lang-arm thing that gets to me.  I have this paranoid feeling that everyone is watching me.  For me this is the truth – if I see a couple dancing really well together I am mesmerised.  I absolutely love it!    So imagine my shock when all of the sudden I am apart of the couple!  Imagine the fear I have, thinking that at some point in time I will lose my footing and fall on my face and HAVE EVERYONE LOOKING AT ME!!

At least I know Kobus won’t let me fall, will try not to let me fall.  I didn’t fall and I really really enjoyed it :P

Driving back to Pretoria was the last challenge for the day, it involved a miss calculated turn to Roodepoort and another to Krugersdorp.  A 45 minute journey that took 2 hours!

I would love to tell you what Sunday involved, that might need to go for another post – Yip that is how busy we were the weekend!  How was your weekend?

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