halves to a whole

In last week I posted a question regarding the single most important person in my life.  Thank you for all your inspiring answers, it is interesting to see what and how people view the question.  Our answer, I will be speaking from my perspective, but this is how we feel:

Kobus and I are one, we are halves to a whole, we are one.  So our answer although simple, is kind of complex.  I chose Logan first and foremost, because Kobus is the other part of me. 

Of course I have no idea how this will work in practise, but it was fun clarifying this in the mind, setting the order straight.  I’m sure my/ our logical will change with the years, probably as we grow older. 

I’m going to highlight some of the answers I found incredible:

My husband was there before my children. He is the one I chose to love and stand with until one of us dies. If he is not the most important person in my life, then I could end up loosing him where when it comes to my children, they will always love me no matter what and I will always love them no matter what.  ~ Blackhuff

If I had to choose right now today – it would be my children because they need me and I would never give them up for David (or anyone) ~ Laura

Your Husband, because regardless of what and how much we do for our kids ( even though they will always love us) they will eventually pack their bags and leave you, but your husband ( leave all things negative) will be there until the day you die.  ~ Tracey

This is always a very difficult question to answer. I’m a mother AND a wife. I love chocolate and chips. Not the one more than the other, just at different times. ~ Melany

This was a lot of fun, if have something to add or you feel like sharing your answer, please feel free to do so :)

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2 thoughts on “halves to a whole

  1. A complex answer indeed from you but if it works for you then be it. And I’m sure my logical will also change over the years as we (me and hubby) grows older

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