Specializing in cattle

As if I would be able to wait until the treadmill to discuss anything, let alone my future, my career,my studies, with Kobus.  The bonus was that he phoned me, as I was about to type him an email!  I pretty much listed the specs as follow:

  • Thinking of changing my major from… to …
  • I will keep most of the subjects I have already completed as credits, i.e.  I haven’t wasted the past year and a bit of studies.
  • And the catch, should I say the fact that I would need to enroll for the second semester in 2010.

Very Typical of Kobus, he replied:  “Not a problem, we will discuss it on the treadmill tonight“.  Shortly after saying goodbye is received an email:

From: kobus s
Sent: 07 July 2010 03:19 PM
To: Alet Viljoen
Subject:  Studies

Hello my love!!!

I’m glad you’re still eager to continue your studies.  I will always support you in everything that will improve your and our lives together.  I’ve looked through Andy Rothman’s Agricultural courses again.  I see there are 2 courses I would like to do in September.

*Artificial insemination for Cattle – 13 – 15 Sept

*Pregnancy diagnosis for Cattle – 16 Sept

What do you think?


Naturally you can imagine what I was thinking.  I know I can be a cow, at times (and just for your information, I am the only person allowed to call me that)  but honestly no need for artificial insemination, I would much rather do it manually.  When I am ready.  After we have gotten married – honestly!

Well you know we can practice until then!

P.S.  Kobus is an animal health technician, specializing in cattle.  Go figure!

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