Surname Change and Abandonment Act

If I am honest, the whole maintenance court experience was not all bad, I got to ask Sperm-Donor’s Legal Aid representative some questions.  I hated her, because she represented him.  He managed to get Legal Aid, not because he fell in the salary bracket to qualify for Legal Aid but because he was unemployed.  And he was unemployed because he was negligent, he was comfortable and arrogant.

(She was however nice enough)

I asked her whether there will be a procedure I would need to follow if I changed Logan’s surname, as I intended to. The good news is that this would not be a problem at all, as long as I have the documentation to prove Logan is still the same Logan.  And worse case scenario, we would need to do a paternity test to prove this!

I also asked her, where, how will I be able to implement the abandonment act (when I am really) where the Sperm-Donor will lose all right to be a father to Logan. She advised that I would be able to represent myself and that I would need to go to the High Court as this involved the status of a person.

One step at a time however, I will get there!


5 thoughts on “Surname Change and Abandonment Act

  1. For now I want to change it to Viljoen, until I have the abandonment act in place.

    Later on we will probably look to change it to Swart :)

    • As far as I understand, Kobus would need to adopt Logan legally before I would be able to do that. Maybe it will be easier?

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