Loftus Versveld on a Friday Evening:

I have neglected to mention that I, Alet (otherwise known as Lettice) watched my first ever Blue Bulls match live at Loftus Versveld on Friday night.  Here is a photo to prove it:

 So it’s a photo of Kobus and Logan, someone had to take it!  I also needed to edit the living shit out of it to look acceptable as delicious as in real life – as it was taken with my mobile phone!

Just to add:  Notice the seat number below Logan’s face:  Number 19.  Now have a look at the ticket number:

 Next on our list will be to take Kobus to the State Theatre for a ballet/ musical/ any of the above.  

Honestly, I had a lovely time and I will definitely go to the rugby again when the weather is slightly warmer!  Next time I may even wear a blue bulls shirt!


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