Need a babysitter?

Oh yes I do, every now and then.  Kobus and I had a conversation over the weekend regarding babysitters.  WE love spending time with the boys and we do many things as a family.  But we are getting to a stage were we would like to have one evening or two a month to focus and enjoy each other’s company, just the two of us.  Of course we have wonderful friends that do not mind babysitting, but you don’t feel like you want to impose on them.  You feel like you would much rather pay some a R 100.00 or 200.00 rand and enjoy your evening knowing noboy is doing you a favour.   

So where can I find a babysitter that will look after Logan instead of making out on the couch with her boyfriend?   

Seriously though:

  • Who helps you with babysitting?
  • Have you ever used an agency? 
  • Are there any that you can recommend?
  • What criteria do you used when hiring a babysitter?

9 thoughts on “Need a babysitter?

  1. A while ago, at the Baby Expo’s (yes, I went to 3 of them this year ;) ) there was a stand offering Baby Sitting Services. It was a company called PJ Sitters, and they offer what I think you want…

    The lady’s name is Paula and can be contacted on 083-260-7775.

    Sorry, that’s the best I can do. Normally my mum looked after Boobah when we needed her to, before they moved away.

    Good luck :)

  2. Funny you should post this now – I just got the number of one of my neighbour’s nieces who is training to be an Au pair & is desperately looking for babysitting work. She charges R20 per hour, which is very reasonable as babysitting rates go.
    She does look quite young and I don’t know if she can travel, but it’s worth asking, right?
    DM me on twitter for her number if you’re keen…
    PS. Love the new blog look!

  3. I usually ask the people at the place where my children go to – the people of the creche of aftercare center otherwise my parents and in-laws are more than willing to look after them.

  4. I have not been out at night on a date since my son was born. He is now 6! Sucks hey. I know what you mean, but it seems like you got some good leads above :)

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