So, have you weighed yourself?

My colleague asks me this at least twice a week and if she doesn’t asks, she says things like:  “If you weighed yourself…

The truth however is, we have been going to the gym for nearly 3 weeks now and if I had felt like I have been losing weight, I might have weighed myself.  But I don’t really feel like I have lost much and so I do not feel the need to weigh myself.  

Is this the case with anyone else?  Or is this just me?

I know we need to have goals.  I know looking down at the scale is a good way of  measuring one’s goals.  And secretly I have weighed myself, TWICE!  Once was about a month and a half ago and the other was in last week, at the gym, with all my clothes on and with my trainers on my feet.  Fact is, it is depressing.  There is no dramatic change of digits, there is now sense of accomplishment. 

And I doubt I will do it again anytime soon.

So, yes the fancy scale I bought two months ago.  The one that takes your age; gender and height into consideration.  That still needs to be programmed with my details.  Is. Gathering. Dust.  And this is fine with me!

I want results.  I want to feel it.  I want to see it.  I WANT results.  And that is why my new fat-burner, Kobus approved, and I will become bestest friends and hopefully by the end of August my pants will not be slightly looser.  But rather fall off my bum!!

Now that is what I mean when I say goals!!


6 thoughts on “So, have you weighed yourself?

  1. Listen sweetie, do not weigh yourself regularly. If you are building muscles you might even weigh more than before you started exercising. Muscles weigh more than fat. Measure yourself – that is the way you will see results way way better. Then weigh yourself say once a week or month only. Otherwise you might just get discouraged.

  2. Nope. I don’t weigh myself regularly. I know that it doesn’t take much for me to become all obsessive about it. Generally I just wait for someone to comment on my weight. If and when you’ve lost any significant weight someone is bound to say something. Hell even if you pick up someone will feel the need to inform you of this fact.

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