“Yes, I am so very proud of you, Logan!”

One of the things that have changed dramatically with Kobus becoming a part of our family is that I have learnt to use my words differently with Logan.  Kobus has a very gentle way about him, he praises easily and he gives Logan “boy-talks” when something is wrong or when Logan is being naughty.  In return, Logan has learnt to comment asking whether “we are so proud of him”. 
About a week and a half ago Logan presented me with a gift.  A hand-made necklace made of clay beads.  Naturally I needed to put this around my neck as soon as I were presented with it and I told him that it is beautiful and that “Yes, I am so very proud of him!”
The very same necklace made a reappearance this morning when Logan though my outfit needed an extra touch.  Fortunately at that moment the necklace was slightly tangled and I said we could untangle it tonight and I would wear it tomorrow.  Logan however was determined and assured me that Uncle Kobus can fix.   
And so Uncle Kobus fixed and I am wearing the clay beaded necklace. 
(and I quite like wearing it)

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