Never in my history of car services as a female alone have I…

Yesterday my car went in for a well-deserved service.  Kobus was the sweetheart that facilitated the whole thing.  We were quoted R 1500-1800.00 for the service in question however in all honesty I was expecting much worst.  It turns out taking a man along goes a long way!!

First off I need to mention that I believe we all take our chances in business, I believe we all take “advantage” of a person’s inexperience in certain situations were we have the upper-hand.  I also believe we are all a bit prejudice.  What I certainly did not expect, was getting far better service because I decided to tag a man (a very handsome man, who happens to be my fiancé) along when coming for the service.

These are a couple of things I happened to notice when tagging my very handsome man and fiancé along to my service :

  • I received the dirty and used air filter in a box as a gift, along with the used spark plugs.  Never in my history of car services as a female alone have I ever received these before.
  • Never in my history of services as a female alone have I ever paid less than the actual quoted amount.  It was only a couple of rands less than R 1500.00, but I am not complaining.
  • In the past I was told my brake-pads are finished and it needs replacing.  Implying right now, it cannot wait a moment later.  This time I was advised that it would need replacing in about a 1000km.
  • I received a quote for a couple of things that needs to be done around the car, new brake light globes etc.  On a formal quotation, with the labour quoted separately – fully knowing that the man in my life would much rather just do that himself, instead of paying someone R 164.74 to do it for me.
  • I get called Mrs. Swart when my fiancé books the car service for me and I quite like it!!

So what have you learnt when tagging a man a long to certain traditionally more manly related events or functions.

p.S  It is exhausting to be so politically correct!   I.E.  traditionally more manly related events or functions.

Happy happy weekend!!


5 thoughts on “Never in my history of car services as a female alone have I…

  1. It’s sometimes sad how people take advantage of woman in the “car service” industry. Have a friend that always calls to verify “quotes” given and they are almost always a rip-off.

    Having a man to drag around is always good :)

  2. I have also came to realize that when I take my husband with me to place where they service cars or where you buy car parts, they do not rip me off anymore. Strange but alas, we as women have found a loophole. So girls, if you don’t have a husband/fiance, take along a guy friend :)

  3. I’ve always gotten my parts back after a service and promptly dumped it.
    Seeing that I don’t have a man on my side, I grab something better: The Dad :-)

  4. I have yet to have my man tag along for something like this. That is of course if I can get him to come along, he seems to think I am more than capable of handling any situation just fine.

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