A dilly kind of arrangement!

And here I was thinking I have some sort of writer’s block/ blogger’s block.  When all you really need is DRAMA to get you started!

The weekend (Saturday) Kobus and I attended a wedding workshop.  I loved it, I love thinking about the wedding.  I love thinking about venues and colours and themes.  But in all honesty it is starting to drive me a little bit dilly:

It has been all I am thinking about for the past week and a half.  Colour themes, red and greys – is this original enough?  Browns and Oranges – too dull!!  Will it go with the white table clothes?  Will the venue have black table cloths?  Won’t that make the atmosphere too dark.  Original themes!!!  What is original?  It feels like everything has been done!!  What is elegant and pure and different and simple.  With a twist! 

The kind of flowers.  Will it be in season?  Is it an expensive flower type?  Because I would much rather use a cheaper kind of flower and have more money to spend on something else.  Like a violinist or towards the honeymoon!

Those kinds if things!    It has filled my mind to the brim.  Poor Kobus.  Poor Logan.  Poor anyone who has something non-wedding related to say!

My solution is simple.  I have decided that I will be USING my 12 month wedding planner.  On a month to month basis.  To the T.  Nothing more than that.  This means all I need to do this month is to find a venue and a caterer.  Work a bit on a budget (check).  And decide more or less on a kind of wedding (check.  sort of check)

P.S.  Winning a body brush and hot stone massage was a definite bonus of attending the workshop.  Now just for a day that will suit my fiance and I!


6 thoughts on “A dilly kind of arrangement!

  1. OH MY GOODNESS. I’ve been totally out of blogging for a while and look at you, you got all engaged and everything. I could not be happier for you. xxx

  2. You sound more organised than me. I got engaged in February and haven’t even set a date yet! I’ll watch your blog and get ideas :-) (only teasing)

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