One thing about Kobus is, that he is nice.  I’m starting to find that I have become a bit of an opposite pole for him in some ways – because he is really nice, he will go out of his way to assist anyone he feels may benefit from XYZ.  Yet some days I need to put my foot down and say “no”..

I should have done this earlier in the week when he told me about a colleague of his wanting to come to our house to practice his presentation of some sort of vacuum cleaner.  My thoughts were, bonus, he may as well clean our couches while he is here!

Turns out, the Kirby isn’t any kind of vacuum cleaner and practicing your presentation really translate to:  please by the Kirby!

In all fairness I would probably buy it, if

  1. the Kirby did not cost half my arm and 5 of my fingers!
  2. it included a person to clean with it on my behalf (3 times a week, with ironing.  maybe fetch the kids from school and make supper?)
  3. I hadn’t forgotten half the functions by the time they had walked out my front door
  4. they walked out of my door after a 30 minute demonstration
  5. maybe if I feel loving, three quarters of an hour.

So after the TWO AND A HALF HOUR demonstration to practice the presentation, I was finished, exhausted, Logan was still awake and I was hungry!  I was not in the mood to buy the Kirby!

Advise:  If anyone ever offer to come to your house to practice a presentation of the Kirby.  Say No!  Say you would much rather read up on the product on their website!  If you are my friend and you have someone phoning you, saying I referred them to you.  They are total liars!  xx  Love you long time.  Please forgive me xx

I wonder if Kobus slept any better last night on his dust mite free side of the bed. Better ask him now before I forget!


6 thoughts on “P-alliteration…

    • This post made me laugh! I’ve had a brief run as a Kirby salesperson, and I can only say that I wish them luck!
      Sorry you were annoyed. Take it from me – those poor sales guys have a rough time!

  1. Wow, do they still sell the Kirby? I thought that they disappeared or went out of fashion like Amway and AMC Cookware! I did have to laugh a little at your predicament, though ;)

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