Over the weekend Kobus and I watched a film called “The Rebound”.  The plot of the story is something along the following lines:

Husband has an affair.   Wife files for a divorce and moves herself and the two kids to the city.  She finds a job, gets her life back on track and then her best friend advises that she now needs a rebound relationship.  Date means finding a nanny and luckily the cute boy from the coffee shop below her flat mentioned that he is a babysitter.  Very typical from these kind of films is that Mom falls in love with the boy nanny who is almost half her age.  She fights the urge to call it a relationship.  She gives up and call it a relationship.  Twist in the story and she breaks up with him because he is too young and according to her, things can never work because she is holding him back from his dreams.

This is pretty much where Kobus and I had a little difference in opinion about men and woman.  He felt that Mom was being unfair and not giving the relationship a chance.  I understood where she was coming from, I honestly think there is a big difference between a female dating a man much younger (we are talking 15 years younger) with kids on her side, no kids on his.  And a man dating a woman fifteen years younger, with or without kids.

So, what is your opinion?

**  Naturally as with all films of this kind.  Boy and Girl did meet again.  This film had a slight twist, I really liked the twist.  I think it is a lovely light film, perfect if your man is a Catherine ZetaJones fan.



4 thoughts on “theREBOUND

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  2. Ek stem saam met die ouer vrou met kinders/jonger dude deel maar nie met die ouer man/niks kinders en jonger vrou nie… Onthou Ma en Oupa Ike het 16 jaar verskil en was baie gelukkig saam, my boyriend is 12 jaar ouer as ek (en is eintlik maar nog soos ‘n seuntjie, ek dink alle mans is) en dit voel nie asof ons so baie verskil of asof ons nie met mekaar kan relate nie! Ek dink waar hierdie situasies gekompliseerd raak is wanneer daar kinders en ander verantwoordelikhede by betrokke is…

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