De-Guitar and My little Superstar…

I have mentioned in the past that somehow, in some way Logan has ended up loving musicals just as much as I do.  The best examples I have for this would be:

a.) This post

b.) One evening not so long ago, I though it would be practical for Kobus to be able to say, he has watched “The Sound of Music”.  Honestly I cannot think of a person who wasn’t forced to watch the musical as a child (and who didn’t fall in  love with the film for the rest of eternity!!)  Kobus hadn’t watched the film.  Anyway to cut a long story short – Logan and I ended up watching the film (Logan loves it, he even sings along with the songs), Kobus fell asleep within the first half an hour!

Logan and his De-Guitar that lasted a total of three days. He loved it, I will need to replaced it with something a bit more sturdy!

Friday Night I decided to watch August Rush (I have seen it a couple of times).  Kobus has seen it once and surprisingly liked it.  He also agreed didn’t mind to watch it with me and Logan sat watching it with us.  I thought Logan would fall asleep pretty soon in the film.  I thought very wrong.  He sat watching the film from beginning to end.  Somewhere in the middle of the film he mentioned wanting a *de-guitar*. The following morning he asked me whether he can watch August Rush again and persisted until yesterday when I finally gave in and allowed him to watch it again!

Some days I find this little boys an absolute mystery!  I think a de-guitar and maybe some guitar lessons may be in the cards for him some day in the near future!!


3 thoughts on “De-Guitar and My little Superstar…

  1. I adored August Rush and found it totally intruiging…it was a predicible ending but so very sweet and of course I cried like a baby!

    I also love musicals and don’t understand people who don’t. You only seem to find gay men that appreciate them fully.

    Thanx for this post.

    Celebrate that your wee man has a love for these artistic things.

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