the way a Birthdays should be celebrated!

Before writing the horribly sarcastic tweet yesterday afternoon, which happens to form the base of my password related post of yesterday (relating to my current employment or lack thereof), I was planning on writing about the superb weekend I had:

Tuesday was my birthday, which in turn points to the fact that Kobus did every single little (and big) thing to make this the most memorable birthday I have ever had.  And he succeeded!

On Sunday he arranged with my two best friends to take me out for breakfast.  While I was gossiping away, Kobus and Best-friend’s husband made salads and set up for a surprise birthday braai.  The afternoon was spent sipping wine, playing 30 seconds, munching away on delicious food.  Generally we were enjoying and celebrating friendships, relationships and my birthday.

Kobus and I planned to view a couple of wedding venues on the Monday and Tuesday, but Kobus couldn’t take leave in the end.  This would be a horrible-horrible reason to cancel my leave, so instead I non-rested and painted the streets red while shopping, browsing and brain-storming.

The morning of my birthday I was woken up by Kobus and Logan singing happy birthday.  Logan was super excited to give me my presents (which he managed to keep a secret from me for the first time in his little life).  Kobus had helped Logan by dotting the lines where Logan needed to write his wishes to me.  I haven’t been a very sentimental person in the past couple of years but I am definitely going back to my routs!!

Because I was alone during the day, Kobus arranged for me to do my nails right after the hair appointment I had previously scheduled.  I had lunch with a friend and a slight twist in events landed me having an interview on my birthday!  Sadly my interviewee didn’t even notice and did not point it out! :p    ‘

The evening was an adults only evening and a dinner reservation was made at Pachas Restaurant!


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