At the moment I am …

This morning while reading Blackhuff’s post about the pursuit of dreams, I found myself inspired by an experience I had in last week.  Yet instead of posting a comment, I decided I would post a blog post instead:
I recently had an interview with a recruitment consultant who gave me a fantastic answer for the ” Where do you see yourself in 5 year?” question.  Yet instead of just giving me an answer, she manage to inspire me:
At the moment I am looking for a secure place…
This was all she needed to say!  She started her answer by roping me in to the present, to the start of a five year goal, to the moment that really matters – the present.  Then she made her answer pro-active, by answering “I AM” …
So my question is:  What are you doing today in order to reach the goal and or dream you have in your heart?

4 thoughts on “At the moment I am …

  1. What am I doing currently to reach my dream?
    I am working so hard in achieving it. You know by now that I’m trying to loose my weight and therefor this is my dream. My dream is to be a fitness instructer and Ms Fitness in 2-3 years. So I’m currently working hard to achieve it.

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