Never say Goodbye










Today is a goodbye day for me and I am not very good at goodbyes.  Much like Peter Pan, I would rather make a silent disappearance and never forget.  I do however think it is important for a season to come to a close.  Finished with.  And another to Begin.  Begin with a capital letter.

Today marks my last day with an employer I have been working for, for 3 years, four months and 14 days.  This is a long time, the longest I have ever been with a single employer!

As uncomfortable as today may be it is definitely also exciting!

P.S.  I love Peter Pan and Peter Pan is the theme of Logan’s school concert this year!


7 thoughts on “Never say Goodbye

  1. 3 Years is a long time, I know, ask me.
    It is sad leaving a company to which you have spent so long with and put so much energy into but like you say, a new beginning is exciting and who knows, this change might me something which make your future super cool and exciting.
    Good luck with the “goodbeys” this afternoon.

  2. Goodbyes can be sad but looking forward is twice as exciting! On to new things! New excitement, new challenges, new people! Aaah, isn’t life grand when all we can count on is change? It’s a good thing! (Yes, I’ve had three cups of coffee today, why do you ask?)

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