Adapting and adjusting..

After three days at the new job one would expect to be fully adjusted?

I always realised that driving to Joburg was going to be an adjustment. I realised the getting up in the morning will be a major adjustment and lastly I knew getting home much later than I am use to would take some getting use to. Never during any of those thoughts did I think work itself would be an adjustment! I think in my mind work was the least of my worries – in this industry, everything changes all the time. While everything stays the same!

There is an exciting buzz in the new office, people coming and going, faces and names – very little of these I truely remember. My mind is boiling over with questions. Impatience is getting the better of me. I have 95% know how, yet the last 5% is so vital that I am left without any ability to do what I am suppose to do. This leaves me numb with frustration. In the meanwhile I bother one or two of my new and overly busy colleagues in attempt to keep myself occupied. In attempt to keep the brainactivities going.  Oh, how I long to feel apart of this rather than a bystander! 

How wrong would it be to do what I would have done in another situation? To open my reader and read all the items I so long to read? How wrong would a be to post blog post after blog post of things rambling in my mind, needing to be said?

Tonight I will be want to spend time with the people closest to my heart, the ones who drive me to do what I have come here to do. The ones that catch me when things get too hard!  

Maybe I will focus my energies on adapting to the new surroundings?


5 thoughts on “Adapting and adjusting..

  1. Give yourself time, Aunty! Three days is barely enough to find out where the friggin’ coffee machine is!
    Hope you settle soon, though, and that the new job offers you just the right blend of stimulation, challenge and satisfaction!

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