A bit about being Five

To my dear Logie-Boy,

In some years from now you will look back and read my thoughts.  My goal is to give you as much information about who you were as five-year old.    

This year is marked with an air of celebration and excitement.  For the past week and a half we have been counting down the sleeps not only to your birthday, but also to your birthday party!  At this moment in time, the party is much more important that the actual day, I even dare say the party is more important than the presents!  Mom being both practical and a little selfish wants your party to be about you and only you – none of the general celebration of today.  So maybe next year I will spare you the wait and do the party before the day :)

You have become very wise in the past year, you have learnt to use the word patient, mainly when it suits you and I can only hope you will treasure the true meaning in your years to come. 

You have opened your heart.  You have learnt to love!  My hearts desire has always been for you to have a father figure that can carry and guide you.  Over the past 10 months, I can honestly say you have learnt to trust Uncle Kobus, as much as you trust me.  Over and above a father figure you have found a brother.  My hopes and dreams are that you will both fulfill the role of brother for each other! 

This year you have agreed to us all getting married.  In your mind it will be a four-way commitment, like I said, kind of wise aren’t you.  You have also decided that it will be a good idea for “us” to have a baby afterwards.  However as much as I would like to leave the naming of the child to you, my fear of having a child named Ody or Garfield is far too great!

You have started drawing words for me, however all I seemed to get are H’s and Ps and an A every now and then.  Your drawings are awesome and you love pre-empting things as follow:  “Mommy, are you so very proud of me?”. 

You have grown very fond of the word hey and at the moment nearly every sentence is followed by the word hey:  “I am your special boy, hey?”                                                           

You are quite amazing when you speak Afrikaans!  Even more so when you speak to the dogs, in Afrikaans because they don’t understand English!  You cried when your fish died, after not feeding them for goodness know how long.  You were committed to posing next to the calf, even when your hiden fears were not hidden so well :)

You are a light in my life and you have sparked a love in me that I was completely unaware of.  You are my special boy and I am so proud to be called your mom!

Happy birthday my Big Boy!




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