"goodness gracious, great balls of fire”.


That is what our bathrooms at work has been smelling like for the past two weeks. 

The first time I walked into the perfumed bathroom I battled to place the smell, thankfully my colleague is a whole lot smarted than me and managed to recognised and pointed it out to me.  What I am about to say, at the time made sense, especially because you don’t expect the toilets to have this kind of smell for longer than an odd day or two, let alone two weeks (and counting.)

Maybe I should start by explaining.  When Kobus and I decided on a wedding date/ theme/ venue, we had a cosy winter wedding in August in mind.  The idea that came to mind was cinnamon.  Because of a couple of things, like retrenchment, commuting and a brand new job, August simply is just too close for comfort.  We have thus decided to move the wedding date and found an awesome new venue perfect for our new October day (not necessarily in that order).

Back to the balls. 

When I smelled the bathrooms, it had a cinnamonny smell and after the revelation of the fire-ball, I though fireballs could be the perfect evolution from winter to summer.   And the red of the fireball perfectly matches the highlights of red in the wedding colours.

But like I said.  Stupid idea.  Even if everyone else in the whole wide world associates our wedding and us with the smell of fireballs.  Fireballs will probably ALWAYS remind my of my work bathrooms here in Johannesburg which is freaking far from Pretoria.

It does however make me smile to sing:  “Goodness Gracious Great Balls of Fire” every time I sit on the loo!

* I do however love how Twisty Girl in a post mentioned how she felt like a fireball all of the sudden *


3 thoughts on “"goodness gracious, great balls of fire”.

  1. Hehe, I never even saw your tweet about the fireballs, that is so funny.
    PS. you wouldn’t by any chance know where I can get my hands on some?

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