Grade 0

Logan in Grade 0 in a nursery school this year.  In last year I assessed a couple of schools in the area.  One of the schools was a prep-school that required them to wear a uniform.  I was pretty excited about the idea of a uniform and the structure.  But all in all the school lacked in the things that were important to us, for example school holiday programs and balanced meals during the day and overcompensated in other things – like school fees.  In the end we did the sensible thing and decided on a completely different school.

It is a duel medium school.  They do feed to the Primary School Logan will attend next year.  And his teacher – although pregnant and due to have a baby in March* – use to be a Grade 1 teacher.

Logan has attended school for a whole week and a half and I can honestly say he is happy.  He comes home every afternoon and tell me the things he has learnt.  Or about his ‘snoopies’ otherwise known as tuck-shop.  And he has made a friend, a boy called Dominique.  When we speak about his friend, Logan tells me that I need to come and fetch him from school, so he can show me “Dominique”. 

All in all he seems settled and happy.  And besides the fact that they don’t wear school uniforms, as long as my boy is happy and learning, I am thrilled. 

* At first I was very unhappy with the though of not having the same teacher the whole year-long.  Luckily they have the person who will be assisting with the class while the actual teacher is on maternity leave helping out in the afternoons in order for the kids to get to know the teacher.  And I figure if Logan is really not ready for Grade 1 by the end of the year, I will keep him back a year – he isn’t a December baby for no reason.


3 thoughts on “Grade 0

  1. I’m glad he is happy :) I do hope that soon Zander will be happy in his preschool again. He is battling to make new friends after all his friends moved on to Grade 0. He only goes next year!

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