Becoming a Mrs…

As previously mentioned, the plan was to become a Mrs. around the time that little baba-babe will now be born.  Ever since starting my wedding planning a lot of things were uncertain, themes changes and brain-storm after brain-storm left me with way too many ideas.  Which in turn lead to indecisiveness.

The one things that have remained thought-out all of these changes is … the birdcage veil

I so badly want a birdcage veil, I think I may start collecting them and wear them to all kinds of functions..  If the addiction goes to far, I may end up wearing them in my day-to-day life!  But the thought of that is a bit odd.  I have this lovely link that linked to a whole bunch of different websites advising tutorials on making your own birdcage. 

* I lost it!  *

But when I saw these, I knew I have to post the picture!  I just love it!!

From the above I think I may like the bottom middle one the most!   Then again, that may just be for today – you know us pregnant people! 

Photo Credit


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