A lot has been happening and due to the lack of energy / laziness, I have not updated this blog.   Having said that, I feel like giving you an update now.  In. Bullet. Points.

  • I have made an investment I have wanted to make for years.  The weekend I purchased a Macbook Pro and despite all my excitement, I haven’t played around on it nearly enough.  But the weekend is coming and Saturday morning is book. 
  • I realise the above eliminates all reason for my lack of blogging however I am pregnant and pregnancy
  • I have eleven more days of commuting to Joburg and time is dragging beyond words.  But when my boss sends me emails saying:  ” you will be missed…” I feel very sad and I can *almost* see myself reply:  ” and I will miss..” thankfully that just sounds stupid and breaks the emotional train of though.
  • UNISA has allowed me to only write my exams next semester for the unit I am enrolled for in this semester.  This may come across as silly – but honestly I have endured 3 horribly draining months of first trimester in this semester that is only 3 and a half months old and I have done the basic minimum!  And because I am so dedicated; hardworking and disciplined I will make this work for me, one month old new-born baby and all! 
  • This blog is supposed to be anonymous and like a proper anonymous blog I need more nicknames.  People that still require nicknames includes:  my son; my stepson; my best friend and many more.  But because this blog is a work of art, I will take my time and perfect the nicknames as they come to me…  If you need alternative excuses, please reread bullet point 2. 
  • In the good news, I found a nickname for my best friend’s husband:  Masterchef.  I like it, it relates to the Beefmaster and because they are very good friends, it places them in a category of their own.

 And that is that.


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