"it's the final countdown…"

Since accepting alternative employment closer to home, I have been counting down days. 

My countdown started at 5 weeks – that was 23 work days.   The past 5 weeks have been long weeks, time dragged and I thought it would never come!  For the most part I held my breath and pushed forward.   

I can finally say, the time has come.  The waiting has paid off:   I have 3 commutes and two working days left in and to Johannesburg. 

Followed by eleven days at home and then I start my new job!  Excitement, a  hint of nerves and a lot of anticipation.  I should really change my mindset to, take it as it comes – there will probably be things that will frustrate you from day 1.  And you will probably expect them to be more prepared for your arrival.  But this is the real world and not the world were things happen as I want them to! 

That is all.  My countdown is finally *almost* over.  The end is in reach.  I can see light at the end of the tunnel. 

P.S.  And I have learned my lesson.  Commuting is no fun.  No matter how positive you are about it.  It is no fun and it is not for me!

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