It feels like home…

When it comes to my own content I am sure stealing and cheating can be deemed, okay!  So I have taken the content of my own blog, Lettice and Lu, that what is relevant and a part of my present.  Along with the content in my silly little adventure where I could call myself a pig** and combined  it, here,  in a new home.

Lettice Family is where I am comfortable writing about my day to day.  The drama and the suspense, that wins me awards (okay only blog awards), the excitement of new things and new experiences.  And the things I need to write about to keep me sain!

I deem you welcome, please make yourself home, in my new little home in the web :)

**  I have to add that one thing from my “silly little adventure” will most definitely stick and that is the term Beefmaster.  Not that I know how the Beefmaster/ Kobus will feel about it!  **

P.S.  It feels like home comes a long way with me and somehow it always seems to creep into whatever use I can find it (conscious or subconsciously).  Follow the link if you don’t believe me!


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