Just call me Mrs. Swart…

With so many things happening and so little time and few words.  I often find myself thinking of posts to write and very seldom / ever manage to actually update the blog.  In my very lazy style I will say all I want to say by keeping it simple:

On the 16th of June 2011 we said our wedding vows, with only our boys, parents, siblings and best friends to witness, we committed the rest of our lives to each other.

Notice my Russian Wedding band :)  and my husband’s wedding ring that we nearly didn’t have on time for the actual day!

It feels so odd.  Months and months of hopping from one colour and theme to the next and in the end the colour is decided by one little boy who fell in love with the a black shirt with a striped purple tie.  Perfect.  The idea was to get married in a simple every day grey dress, that was until a certain best friend (who I love with all my heart) decided to draw the line.  I may have felt like a fruit-tart for a moment.  But my husband enjoyed the surprise and the slightly more formal dress does make the photos pleasant to look at.

(Above mentioned friend on the right).  Heavily pregnant with a little feisty girl who had us on our toes a couple of days before the wedding, but luckily waited until 8 days after we said our wedding vows to make the grand appearance.

The day was beyond anything I could have ever imagined!  We spend a lovely afternoon with our closest’s friends and family followed by a lovely evening in the company of each other.

Best part of all is that I now get to call myself Mrs. Swart and I get to spend the rest of my life with my Prince Charming!


6 thoughts on “Just call me Mrs. Swart…

  1. Agh no man Alet!! You MUST blog more often man!!!!!

    This is so lovely – you looked STUNNING!!!!!!!


    I am tempted to have a small thing too – I am desperate to get married.

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