Riding a Camel in Pictures.

I can remember the first time I rode a camel.  I can’t remember how I was, but I am know I was in primary school at the time.

Logan is very different from me in some ways, I am adventurous and will try new things.  Logan is down right brave!  He is an adventure junkie and I am slightly worried now in his younger years of the things he will attempt when he is older.

When he saw the camel at the Irene market last weekend, he knew he’d ride it.  I was undecided from the start.  Had Kobus been with me, he would have been on the camel with Logan.  But it was my mom and I, neither of us prepared (physically or mentally) to ride a camel.  With slight hesitation I walked to the camel stall half hoping they would say he is a bit young to ride a camel on his own.  But when they didn’t I had no choice but to grant a little boy his wish:

Sitting on Wally the Camel

Camel going up..

"Look mom - no hands"

Still no hands

Petting the camel while I ride

Camel from the side

The only nervous moment - Camel going DOWN!

Safely back on the ground... Mom can breath again


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