Mr. Swart legally and otherwise..

  When I started this post, the idea really was to tell you about our little trip to Home Affairs due to the fact that I now need an unabridged birth certificate to enroll my kid in school.  An unabridged birth certificate that will take 3 months to be processed.  An unabridged certificate that will only be attached once I have it, to the application that I will submit on Monday by the latest!

Now that I have it off my chest, I can tell you how our trip to Home Affairs was pretty productive since I managed to have Logan’s surname changed from Thompson to Swart.  Or at least gotten the ball (that will take approximately 6 months) on the roll!

It was easier than I imagined it would be!  It it took was a little letter explaining that the father of my child (that was born out of wedlock) had disappeared, along with the empty promise of marrying me.  And a second letter from Kobus saying that he has no objections to Logan being called by his surname, because we are married.

So in a couple of months when you ask Logan “What is your surname?” and he answers “Mr. Swart” it will be legally and otherwise true!


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