The Nursery

We have had so much fun with Oliver’s Nursery.  Bless my husband, he worked so hard!  I remember the first day we started clearly, he asked:  “So where do you want the stripes” as if there would only be a stripe of two… I have to say he has a sense of humour and perseverance to match my ever ideal!

At first the idea was to paint white stripes over the already beige walls, in a sort of minimalistic way.  The beige stripe weren’t potent enough to my liking and the room felt heavy and warm.  Luckily my husband felt the need to repaint the beige and we very quickly decided to try an alternative colour!

The theme is Vintage Mickey, inspiration was found here, I love this nursery!  I adore this man’s talent and I wish I had his vision and 3 months in which to complete something similar.  To view more of the images, follow the link to Joey Ellis’ flickr album.

I do however think what K and I managed to accomplish with our little one’s nursery is awesome and I love it.

The nursery is *almost* complete, apart from a couple of imagines I would like to frame and hang on the walls.  I really should get a move on with them, however I see things – these kind of things like a work in progress, so I will take my time!

The next project is the boys’ bedroom.  The whole while planning the nursery, I have been thinking of themes and way in which to create something magical for 2 very different boys.  Something they can feel inspired by and grow into.  Something that captures something of both their personalities in some way.  I am so happy to say I have found this theme.  I will however keep it for myself for the moment!


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