I have let it slip a couple of times and well maybe the big letters on the wall was a dead giveaway that we have chosen a name for the littlest of them all.  However a formal introduction is always welcome.  So without further ado, I give to you the name (and the meaning) of the littlest of them all:

 A while ago I shared what the littlest one’s name would have been, had he been a girl.  It is strange how even years after I decided on names for Logan, I still think back with fondest memories, what his name would have been, had he been a girl.  Logan would have been Hannah Logan, had he been a girl and as much as I still love the names, I wouldn’t want to be told I named my kid after Hannah Montana, especially since I chose the name before the whole Hannah Montana craze!  3 Months after to be precise!

P.S.  Mackenzie was the name my best friend and I fought about for years for our little girls.  But considering how, I have boys and the meaning is so beautiful for a boy, K and I have fallen in love with it for our little boy.  He will probably hate us for it, but who cares – we all hate our parents for one or other thing, right?


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