Finding new inspiration for studying…

When I started studying in 2008 I was motivated.  I was determined to be different, to show the world that even though I fell pregnant at a very young age, that I can accomplish anything I set my mind to.  I told myself that I needed to work extra hard as a single mom to provide Logan with everything other couples with their planned pregnancies, steady careers and settled lives can provide their babies with.

I was determined to lead by example and teach Logan what it means to work for what you want and how to succeed.

When I wrote my exam this morning, I was thinking of that.  The truth is, this year has been hectic.  It has been an awesome year for us as a family.  But I have neglected my studies this year and that is okay, as long as I can find that spark of motivation again.  The scary part is, I need a new reason to study – the old “show the world single moms rock” isn’t my mission statement any longer.

The real question is, what is the new mission statement when it comes to studying?


3 thoughts on “Finding new inspiration for studying…

    • I requested from the university to allow me to write the exams this semester instead of last – thinking I would have a healthy baby and I would have time to study. Which I didn’t – so I am not expecting very much result-wise!

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