OMW time flies…

Some time ago I posted (though of posting) – it is possible that I thought up the post and never actually typed it out.  Anyway I was very inspired by photo a month photos of August, form Making it Lovely’s Blog.

At first I thought of using the same principle of having the number of the month on a felt pin (i would make for Oli).  But after much consideration, I have decided to make a Mickey Ears cut out and painting it with black board paint.  Every month I can write the month on the cut out and hang it from all kind of different angles.

The above is what I mean with Mickey Ear Cut outs.

The monster will be sitting (okay lying for the moment) on his rocking chair.

What Daddy doesn’t know just yet (and is sure to find out when he gets home from work later today) is that we are making the cut out tonight.  And his assistance will be required tomorrow because …

Tomorrow this one:

will be 1 month old!


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