Rompers and Babygros

It feels like Oli is growing way too fast.  I look at photos of him from a month ago and I can see noticeably how he has grown and I feel like these baby moments are slipping threw my fingers and there is nothing I can do to freeze the moment.

To me baby clothing means rompers and babygros.


So when I buy clothing for Oliver, I want to buy rompers and babygros.  And that was fine when I needed to buy new born and 0-3 month clothing.  But 3-6 months a whole different kettle of fish, it seems like the shops want to force me to buy shorts and t-shirts.  Cute shorts and t-shirts for that matter and when Logan was little I found them very appealing.  But with Oliver, I want to hold on to the baby moments for as long as I possibly can!  I mean really he is going to be wearing shorts and t-shirts for the rest of his life, why start now?

Am I possibly going crazy and holding on because I know this may well be my last baby or is there a limit on the number of cute and pretty rompers out there for babies?


6 thoughts on “Rompers and Babygros

  1. I feel the same way. Even now, with A2 almost hitting the 15 month mark, I still want him to wear, or at least sleep in, baby gros and rompers and such. They really are super difficult to find. But I found some for his age and older (which I also bought to put away) onsies for winter at Woolies. They seem to cater for moms like us.

    Good luck. And squishes to your little man :D

  2. I hear you! I bought loads of totally cute things when Ava was a tiny baby, only to discover they were most impractical and that rompers were the best at that age!

  3. I can’t ditto this post enough!
    I wish I could still dress my 2 going on 3 year old in babygrowers. I still order her special fleecy babygrowers from a friends mom in Cape Town ~ they keep her nice and warm in winter.

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