About the Family

For a long time, my little place in the web was called Lettice and Lu.  Lu being the boy child I had at the age of 20.  As a single mom life was tough – harder than anything I’ve ever had to do, emotionally draining and the stressful beyond words.  In those days, Lu was my life, my inspiration – the drive behind everything I hoped to accomplish.

Our lives were a true roller-coaster ride at best of time, the good outweighed the bad by far.  The bad was terrible and having to cope with all of that one my own has made me stronger than I imagined I could be.

At the time a part of me had given up on finding any kind of Mr.  Although lonely, I was happy with my life as Lettice and Lu, we made a good team!  I did however join a dating site, most of me not expecting a hell of a lot.  I was simply providing moral support to one friend desperately in need of getting a foot in the dating scene and working what another friend would call my law of average*.

I remember people telling me how when you meet the one, you just knew.  I remember being fascinated about how they could go on about the matter.   Secretly I was thinking these people are completely crazy, that they have no idea what they are talking about and how it was better to stay clear of anything else they have to say regarding the matter.  And then it happened to me – I met my husband and I just knew.

Since committing my being to K, many things have happened – life is still life and we still have the obstacles and the twists.  I can however say, sharing my very being with someone has changed me for the better and I am thrilled at the thought of doing just that for the rest of my life.

Meet the members of the family:

* Law of Average really is a post on its own.  I will provide a link in due course.


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