What a weekend!

Kobus hardly ever has a whole weekend off, so this weekend when we had the whole weekend to ourselves we made the most of it.  We may even have overdone it a bit:

Saturday Morning we woke up at Sparrow’s fart and dragged our bums to the Farmer’s Market, it has become a little tradition of ours.  A tradition we have skipped for the most part in winter, but summer is nearly here, I can feel it in my bones.

The rest of the day was spent doing some shopping, making a fabulous brunch, a haircut for Kobus and a lovely long afternoon nap in preparation of a 60th birthday party:

The party was in Auckland Park, Joburg and anyone who knows me, knows I am not a fan of driving to Joburg.  We arrived at the venue, slightly late perfectly on time.    We had a lovely time, after I had calmed down –  The food was amazing, the DJ was entertaining with a perfect blend of music to suit a 60th (and the rest of us).  Logan was well-behaved.  What more can a person ask for? 

Maybe a boyfriend who loves dancing?  My boyfriend loves dancing and when I say dancing I mean lang-arm-sokkie-sokkie.  Here is the problem, I should say implications:  I can keep a beat and shake my hips to the rhythm of a song, it is just the lang-arm thing that gets to me.  I have this paranoid feeling that everyone is watching me.  For me this is the truth – if I see a couple dancing really well together I am mesmerised.  I absolutely love it!    So imagine my shock when all of the sudden I am apart of the couple!  Imagine the fear I have, thinking that at some point in time I will lose my footing and fall on my face and HAVE EVERYONE LOOKING AT ME!!

At least I know Kobus won’t let me fall, will try not to let me fall.  I didn’t fall and I really really enjoyed it :P

Driving back to Pretoria was the last challenge for the day, it involved a miss calculated turn to Roodepoort and another to Krugersdorp.  A 45 minute journey that took 2 hours!

I would love to tell you what Sunday involved, that might need to go for another post – Yip that is how busy we were the weekend!  How was your weekend?

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Language Complications

Ever since I decided to communicate with Logan in English, I have found it very easy to have a conversation in Afrikaans and with the flick of a mental switch speak English to Logan. 

Things have become slightly more complicated since then.  First and foremost, I have an Afrikaans boyfriend with whom I speak English.  Then there is his son, to whom we speak Afrikaans.  Yes it makes for interesting moments, speaking to “the boys” and translating as we go! 

We also have three dogs!  Two Afrikaans dogs and One English dog.  Apart from the fact that Dixie, originally my dog doesn’t listen, she is more inclined to hear when spoken to in English.  The same goes for (originally) his two dogs! 

 At least I know that one day when Kobus and I have another little one, he will prefer raising *her* in English.  For the moment however, I want another girl-puppy, a brown Dachshund for me to call Chutney!  

And hopefully we will communicate with her in English too!

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Sometimes it irritates me when what people say is so true, you cannot argue with them…

I just don’t feel like struggling anymore.  I feel like illuminating all things that I make me unhappy.  I feel like focussing on all things pink and fluffy!  And for the most part this is what I have been doing. 

 Unfortunately the fact of the matter is – everything is not pink or fluffy.  

  • Although the boss has assured us numerous times in fact, that we do not have to worry – he is not exactly telling us what kind of salary increases we are getting either. 
  • The maintenance court date is on the 29th of April.  I know I have to follow the procedures, I know that the law is on my side.  I also know that things will pay off eventually.  I just cannot help thinking that the 29th of April is going to be a waste of my time.   
  • My expenses are piling up.  I am managing on a day-to-day basis.  But I am going no-where slowly when it comes to settling debt. 
  • All luxuries have been cut. 

At the moment even UNISA  is a luxury.  They have cancelled my subjects for this semester, because of outstanding fees.  At the moment I feel like giving up.  It doesn’t change my dreams or my goals, but for the moment I feel like I don’t have the resources and I don’t have the aspiration to sort this out just now. 

This of course was when my friend said:  “Why don’t you work out how much money you have invested in UNISA?” 

I am happy at the moment.  I am content in my relationship,  I feel loved like I’ve never felt before.  I feel like I am apart of a family – Logan is blooming, he is confident, he is happy. 

I just don’t want to replace my happy feelings with stressful financial related feelings.  It does however explain a lot of my state of mind when I am not around Kobus.

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My Incredibly Special Grandmother (with a Dachshund)

My Aunt sent me some photos of my grandmother.  I love these photos!  I loved my grandmother, I miss her so much, but that you all already know…   I especially love this one with the Dachsie, there are many more.  But I can’t spoil you by posting all of them at once. 

How Elegant!

Well maybe I can! 

I don’t know the other people in the photo below.  It must be family of mine, but I just think the family portrait is pretty.  Any photo with my grandmother in is beautiful to me! 

A Family Portrait

I really like the first two the most.  I already have a photo of my grandparents on their wedding day hanging in my house, but  I think I need to do something with these other photos, they are so special and deserved to be made apart of my daily space.

Vanya Du Toit Solo Exhibition

Vanya du Toit Exhibition

Tonight is the opening night of my cousin’s first solo exhibition!  She is talented beyond words!  If you are in Cape Town, I am very jealous of you you should make sure you get your rear down to Bree Street for the exhibition!  For more info on the Exhibition, go here.  To see my cousin’s blog click here!  Also see her profile at Acoustic Image here:

And now for the teeny tiny little bit of a preview that I got this afternoon

All the above photos were taken by Vanya Du Toit